The Albany Chapter of 100 Women Who Care started in it’s infancy January 2016 by Jeri Bosman, Peg Donovan and  Sandra Alinger. Jeri heard about 100 Women Who Care while visiting a friend in Beaufort County, S.C. and immediately knew it was something she wanted to bring to the Albany area. With the help of her friends and reaching out to the founder of the Beaufort chapter, Jeneane Ryan, the wheels were set in motion. Our chapter’s goal is to make an impact as we join together to support the wonderful work of our local charities through funding, exposure and awareness.

Our inaugural meeting was held on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at the Delmar Reformed Church Fellowship Hall in Delmar, NY. We had 73 women join to support our new chapter. What a great turnout!

Special thanks to 100 WWC Albany member, Sheila Baker for creating and maintaining our website and Evan Dobos for designing our creative logo.

It all began with a baby crib

The first chapter of 100 Women Who Care was founded in Jackson, Michigan by the late Karen Dunigan, who always considered 100 Women Who Care to be one of her greatest ideas.  As many great ideas do, it came serendipitously: during a meeting with leadership from the local Center for Family Health.  In a Fundraising meeting,  Karen learned that local mothers were bringing their babies home and putting them to sleep in boxes and dresser drawers because they couldn’t afford cribs, leading to the death of the infant in some cases.

Rather than seek a few large donors to meet the $10,000 goal for the project, Karen thought that she easily knew 100 women who would be willing to donate $100.  At their first meeting, the women raised over $12,000 for the project and 100 Women Who Care was born.  Now, there are over 350 Chapters in the 100 Who Care Alliance, including chapters of 100 Kids Who Care and 100 Men Who Care!

Adapted From the 100 Who Care Alliance (www.100womenwhocare.org)


100 Women Who Care Founder Karen Dunigan (source: http://www.jacksonopolis.com)

National 100WWC Alliance

The 100 Who Care Alliance website is a resource voluntarily compiled by chapter leaders for existing and future chapter leaders of the various 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men Who Care, 100 People Who Care and 100 Kids Who Care groups. There are currently more than 350 chapters making a huge impact in local communities throughout the world.
We are #thePOWERof100.