Presentation Guidelines

As you prepare for your presentation you will need to complete the Nomination Form. You may either email it prior to the meeting or give us a copy at check-in. This form will ensure that you have the key information you’ll need to present when you nominate.  Used in conjunction with the tips below, the nomination form will guide you in giving a detailed and professional presentation (but don’t forget the “heart” story!)

If your name is selected, you have 5 minutes to talk about your charity, about what kind of impact it makes and the intended use of 100WWCAlbany’s donation.

For in person meetings, talks will be timed, a bell will ring when time is up. Please be respectful of the time limit. After your talk, there will be a 5 minute Q&A where members can ask questions or add comments about the organization. Use the time you have been given to make an impact.

For virtual meetings, you will submit a 5 minute video covering all of the same points. There is no Q&A becuase members have time to research the organization online before submitting their vote!

You’ve got 5 minutes to MAKE YOUR PITCH so make it COUNT!

In a brief 5 minutes you need to tell what your charity does, what kind of impact it has on the community and what you will specifically do with the money given to you. Our members are committed to 100 Women Who Care BECAUSE of the simplicity, the potential impact of our donation and the camaraderie while hearing about all the great work in our community. Use your five minutes to make an impact. Even if you aren’t chosen as the recipient for the night, telling your story to our members is great exposure for your charity.

Consider starting with an engaging opening line like “Every month, 75 women in our community are involved in a domestic violence dispute.” Then briefly introduce yourself and tell why you are nominating your charity.

Our members will want to hear the following: (format below is just a suggestion)

1) Know the facts! 2 minutes

Practice your elevator speech. You need to be able to tell the story of the work your organization does in about 1 minute. Drawn out explanations lose people easily. Write down what you do, how you do it and who is affected. Then wrap that around a few sentences (i.e. funding sources, operating budget, people served) and you’re ready to go!

2) Then tell the HEART story! 1 minute

Be sure to think of a way to tie in a personal story of those impacted by the work the charity does so the group has a very clear understanding and can connect to that work. As you prepare, write down WHY you are involved and WHY it matters to you.

Write it all down and then time it while you practice.

3) Last but not least…Show them the MONEY! 1-2 minutes

Where will the money go! The people in the room are ready to make a wise choice about where they donate. Present a strong and specific description of what the funds will be supporting. Taking the time to find out where the money will go pays off in the long run and will give you the confidence to stand up and make your pitch to the group.

Be sure to leave time for #3 so it doesn’t seem rushed. It’s a lot to cover but if you practice you will feel more confident knowing you can fit in everything you want to say

A reminder: no PowerPoints, visual aids, additional speakers or handouts. Members are welcome to make brief comments on behalf of your charity during the 5 minute Q & A at our in person meetings.

Don’t Give Up!

If your organization is not drawn for nomination or is not selected as the donation recipient KEEP TRYING! Continue to practice and tweak your nomination so you’ll be prepared to nominate again.