How to Nominate

The Nomination

Only members of 100 Women Who Care Albany may nominate or speak in behalf of the organization during the nomination process.

Nominated organizations:

Must have 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Please do your research to ensure this is the case.

Funds must be used exclusively in the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties). National organizations are only eligible if the funds will be used exclusively in the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties).

Organization may not be a religious or political entity. We do not fund projects related to partisan politics or elections nor do we fund religious organizations however donations may be made to support non-religious programs provided through these organizations. It is the responsibility of the nominating member to share that information when nominating and during the presentation.

100 Women Who Care Albany Nomination Form

The Nomination form must be fully prepared with the key information you need for your nomination and for answers during the member Q&A. Please email it to us with your nomination. The organization’s website and directors will be helpful resources in gathering the information requested on the form. We will keep the form on file for future nominations.

The Nomination Process

To nominate a charity, email your name and the name of your charity to no later than the Monday night before the quarterly meeting. Any charity not submitted in advance of the meeting will not be eligible for selection that evening. We will send you an email confirmation that we have received your nomination.

Upon arrival at the meeting please check in with the nomination coordinator so we can put your name and organization into the drawing. If you haven’t emailed your completed nomination form you will need to show it at check-in. Three names will be drawn randomly from a basket and the person whose name is on the slip of paper will be asked to present. ONLY THE PERSON WHO MADE THE NOMINATION WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK (no substitutes please).

Nominations do not carry over to future meetings. You must send in your nomination prior to every meeting. Be sure to update the information on the nomination form as needed.

Don’t give up! If your charity is not selected, we urge you to continue nominating. The presentations are a great way to let members know more about the special work of your non-profit.

Be sure to bring the completed Nomination Form with you to the podium so that you have key information at your fingertips. Please do not bring handouts, power points or other visual aids.

Note that organizations who are awarded the donation have a waiting period of two years before they are eligible to receive the donation again.

Here are some tips on making an effective presentation if you’re selected.