Meeting LOVE

What a great turn out we had for our meeting on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019, where we really did share the LOVE!

We had a number of new members join us and three worthy charities that presented:

  • Northeast Avian Rescue – Their mission is to help the thousands of parrots and other exotic pet birds that suffer from abuse and neglect.
  • FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry – Provides a small balanced package of food to individuals and families up to twice a month help bridge the gap and end hunger.
  • St. Anne’s Foundation – Their goal is to help children and families develop confidence and the skills they need to overcome crisis in their lives through a comprehensive range of independent but interrelated services including a residential and non-residential treatment for adolescent females.

Congratulations to St. Anne’s Foundation, the recipient of our collective giving! Our funds are targeted to supply a “Birthday Celebration” for each adolescent girl. These girls have never experienced the joy of their own special day. Now, in addition to the caring folks at St. Anne’s, these girls will know that there are 100+ Women Who Also Care! The birthday celebration will include a cake, gift card and recognition of their day.

At this meeting, we also heard from Amy Klein, chief executive office of Capital Roots, our November recipient. She discussed how our donation is targeted to fund stipends for youth using sustainable agriculture as a tool to develop critical job and life skills.

Mark your calendars to join us at our next meeting on May 9, 2019.

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