New Nomination Process

After our first two meetings, we have learned a few things! To streamline our check-in process and have smoother running meetings, we are making a change to our nomination process.

In order to have time to make certain the charities being nominated fit our criteria (501(c)(3), serve the Capital District and are without a political or religious component) we are requiring members to email your name and the name of the charity you are nominating to no later than the Monday night before the meeting. Any charity not submitted in advance of the meeting will not be eligible for selection that evening.

The process for picking the charities that will be presented stays the same. Upon arrival to the meeting, if you choose to nominate a charity, you will be given a slip of paper – please put your name and the name of one organization you are prepared to represent. One at a time, names will be drawn randomly from a basket and the person whose name is on the slip of paper will be asked to present. ONLY THE PERSON WHO MADE THE NOMINATION WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK (no substitutes please).  Again, we strongly suggest bringing the Nomination Form with you to the podium so that you have key information at your fingertips.

Thanks for your wonderful support and we look forward to our next meeting.

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