Record $13,800 Goes to Joseph’s House

On June 6, members were on hand to present Joseph’s House with a total of $13,800. Joseph’s House was the charity selected at the May 2017 meeting of 100 Women Who Care Albany. This was the largest donation to date and we learned that it should cover ALL the renovations they need for a new kitchen/dining room plan and appliances. Last year Joseph’s House experienced a 44% increase in their winter emergency shelter requests. On typical days during the year, they comfortably accommodate around 40 persons in their shelter. However, during this past winter cold season, that number doubled when they opened their doors to anyone needing a safe place to sleep, a hearty meal, a hot shower and dry clothes. Upgrading the kitchen will improve their capacity to serve meals to the increased demand. Redesigning their dining room will allow them to provide a more respectful space for all shelter guests.

Joseph’s House and Shelter provides emergency shelter or support services to an average of 1000 men, women and children yearly. Their mission is to provide non-judgmental services to end homelessness. They also supply hundreds of meals a year to the homeless and those in need.

Pictures below of the presentation on June 6th and “before” pictures of the kitchen / dining area.

The women of 100WWC continue to make a difference in our community!

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