Three More Great Charities

At our meeting on August 10, 2017, 100 Women Who Care Albany members heard presentations from three new charities. We also heard from our last recipient, Joseph’s House and Shelter.

The three new charities that were picked to presented at this meeting inspired everyone in attendance:

Congratulations to the South End Children’s Cafe who became the recipient of this meeting’s collective giving!

Joseph’s House and Shelter provided a status on their kitchen upgrade project. They were pleased to share that plans have been finalized, all permits obtained and materials/appliances have been ordered. They are working to coordinate the many volunteers that will do the work to make the kitchen transition.

Watching 100 Women Who Care Albany grow and make a difference for Capital District charities continues to be a wonderful ride! There are new members at every meeting, always excitement in the room and most of all, women with giving hearts!

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