Ending the Year Focused on Families

The November 2021 virtual meeting of 100 Women Who Care Albany continued it’s mission to support our Capital Region exception loval non-profits. During this virtual meeting, members reviewed nomiation videos from the following three charities:

  1. Heldeberg Workshop nominated by Dorothy Matthews (https://www.heldebergworkshop.org/)
  2. Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Albany Chapter nominated by Kathy Agneta (https://albany.hdsa.org/)
  3. St. Paul’s Center nomiated by Donna Elia (https://stpaulscenter.com/)

Congratulations to our November recipient, St. Paul’s Center, whose whose mission is to provide a community that strives to awaken hope and rekindle dignity in families who seek comfort, support and assistance in moving from homelessness to a sustainable future. Services include: an emergency shelter to mothers and their children without a place to call home as well as initial and ongoing support to families as they transition to independent living.

On January 7, 2022, on behalf of all members, Jeri Bosman presented checks totaling $21,500 to St. Paul’s Center.

Our next meeting will be February 10, 2022. It will once again be virtual in order to keep all of our members safe. We look forward to one day getting to meet in person, but until, we are thrilled that we can continue our mission to support local Capital Region non-profits. New members are always welcome to join us. Learn more here.

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