How Many Lives Will Be Changed with $15,100?

On March 5, 2018 a dozen women from 100 Women Who Care Albany met at The RED Bookshelf to present our collective giving checks totally $15,100.

The co-directors and founders, Rachel Eveleth and Mary Beth Fowler, along with their board members, welcomed us with a tour of the facility, explained the process of how the books are re-purposed and distributed to the many Red Bookshelves throughout the Albany area.

Today the organization has 16 bookshelves throughout Albany. Every month approximately 2400 books are given away. It takes an army of volunteers to make this happen: collecting, reconditioning and stocking the shelves takes time. Fifteen minutes is about what it takes to recondition one book and the organization depends on about 600 hours of volunteer time each month just for the reconditioning efforts.

Many of the books distributed are donated, but they also purchase new books to fill in the language and diversity gaps. Today they are distributing books in English as well as Spanish, Burmese, Karen Burmese, Vietnamese and Arabic. They are looking to add books in Pashto and Mandarin based on recommendations from the Albany Schools on needs they see. Over the years, 46,000 books have been donated. These books will help improve the statistic of only 1 book per 300 children in lower income areas.

The collective giving from 100 Women Who Care Albany will be used to fund two mobile bookshelves that are taken to community events. It is exciting to think about how many children will be positively impacted and maybe even their lives changed.

100 Women Who Care Albany is proud to support another outstanding organization!

100 Women Who Care Albany welcomes any women from the Capital District that would like to participate. Meetings last an hour and happen once per quarter. Click to learn more about joining. Join this group of giving women and become part of the power of 100 – make a positive difference in our community!

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