Highest Giving Yet Goes to Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

On December 14, 2017, representative members of 100 Women Who Care Albany presented $14,500 in checks to the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless. The checks represent the largest collective giving to date from the 100+ Capital District Women.


Once a quarter the women nominate and award a local charity to provide funds to assist them with their continued mission. At the 100 Women Who Care meeting in November 2017, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless won the voting. The organization plans to use the funds to furnish a new medical exam room for their clients.

When the checks were presented, the women toured the current Interfaith Partnership’s facility and were again impressed with all the kindness and assistance giving to those less fortunate in the Capital District.

100 Women Who Care Albany welcomes any women from the Capital District that would like to participate. Meetings last an hour and happen once per quarter. Click to learn more about joining. Join this group of giving women and become part of the power of 100 – make a positive difference in our community!

News from Our November 2017 Meeting

On November 9, 2017, 100 Women Who Care Albany held our quarterly meeting. The room was again filled with generous women, including 10 new members!

During this meeting, Tracie Killiar from last quarter’s recipient, South End Children’s Cafe, gave a heartfelt presentation about how the organization provides a positive impact to children in Albany and how the use of our funds will help them purchase food for the many more meals they will be providing at their new facility.

The three organizations picked to present at this meeting were:
Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless – Empowers individuals and families who are homeless or facing homelessness, giving them the tools to be self-sufficient.
Unity House – Provides a wide range of services to meet the otherwise unmet needs of people in our community who are hurting and struggling.
The RED Bookshelf – dedicated to getting books into children’s homes

Congratulations to Interfaith Partnership who became this recipient of this meeting’s collective giving!

Joseph’s House will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday November 20, 2017 for their new kitchen and dining area which was funded by our collective giving at our May 2017 meeting. Wonderful to see their vision coming to fruition!

We are always excited to welcome new members as they join the ranks of 100+ caring women making a big difference for Capital District charities. Don’t miss joining us in 2018 at our next meeting on February 8, 2018.

Schenectady Today Show Interviews Jeri Bosman & Eileen Howe Bird

Anne Parillo, The Schenectady Today Show Host, interviewed Jeri Bosman, Co-Founder, 100 Women Who Care Albany and Eileen Howe Bird, Member of 100 Women Who Care Albany and Executive Director of To Life! on October 31, 2017. Watch as Jeri explains the simple concept behind 100 Women Who Care and how you can become a member of the Albany chapter. Eileen provides a perspective as a member and also the perspective of how it feels to be a recipient of the collective giving.

South End Children’s Cafe Nets $13,500!

On September 13, 2017, 100 Women Who Care Albany presented checks totally $13,500 to the South End Children’s Cafe. This worthy organization serves free, healthy dinners along with providing after school programs for children grades K-6.

The funds raised by the 100 Women Who Care Albany organization will help feed more children in their new facility at 25 Warren Street in Albany. The new facility will be opening in October 2017. Tracie Killiar and her assistants, all volunteers, gave us a tour of the new facility, even before it opened. They shared what the facility provides for the children of the South End. You can read more about the new facility here.

So much “good” is happening in the Capital District. Amazing people doing amazing things.

The women of 100WWC continue to help organizations that make a difference in our community!

Three More Great Charities

At our meeting on August 10, 2017, 100 Women Who Care Albany members heard presentations from three new charities. We also heard from our last recipient, Joseph’s House and Shelter.

The three new charities that were picked to presented at this meeting inspired everyone in attendance:

Congratulations to the South End Children’s Cafe who became the recipient of this meeting’s collective giving!

Joseph’s House and Shelter provided a status on their kitchen upgrade project. They were pleased to share that plans have been finalized, all permits obtained and materials/appliances have been ordered. They are working to coordinate the many volunteers that will do the work to make the kitchen transition.

Watching 100 Women Who Care Albany grow and make a difference for Capital District charities continues to be a wonderful ride! There are new members at every meeting, always excitement in the room and most of all, women with giving hearts!

Record $13,800 Goes to Joseph’s House

On June 6, members were on hand to present Joseph’s House with a total of $13,800. Joseph’s House was the charity selected at the May 2017 meeting of 100 Women Who Care Albany. This was the largest donation to date and we learned that it should cover ALL the renovations they need for a new kitchen/dining room plan and appliances. Last year Joseph’s House experienced a 44% increase in their winter emergency shelter requests. On typical days during the year, they comfortably accommodate around 40 persons in their shelter. However, during this past winter cold season, that number doubled when they opened their doors to anyone needing a safe place to sleep, a hearty meal, a hot shower and dry clothes. Upgrading the kitchen will improve their capacity to serve meals to the increased demand. Redesigning their dining room will allow them to provide a more respectful space for all shelter guests.

Joseph’s House and Shelter provides emergency shelter or support services to an average of 1000 men, women and children yearly. Their mission is to provide non-judgmental services to end homelessness. They also supply hundreds of meals a year to the homeless and those in need.

Pictures below of the presentation on June 6th and “before” pictures of the kitchen / dining area.

The women of 100WWC continue to make a difference in our community!

Year Two Kicks Off with Flair!

On May 10, 2017 at our fifth meeting, and the start of our second year, we had a wonderful hour of learning about important local Capital District charities and hearing from our last chosen charity.

Members representing these three charities gave excellent presentations at this meeting:

  • Vanderhyden provides a safe haven for youth who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, those facing a range of developmental and emotional challenges, and families caring for children with special needs.
  • Grassroots Givers makes the connection between the needs in our community and those who have resources to share. Their focus is to always give with dignity, to empower individuals and families who are trying to improve their lives.
  • Joseph’s House and Shelter provides emergency shelter or support services to an average of 1000 men, women and children yearly. Their mission is to provide non-judgmental services to end homelessness.

Congratulations to the recipient of our collective giving, Joseph’s House and Shelter. Our funds will help update kitchen appliances that are 30+ years old. They supply hundreds of meals a year to the homeless and those in need.

Eileen Bird, the director of To Life! and our last quarter’s recipient, gave us an update on the use of our donation. They are continuing to look for a building to rent in Schenectady to expand their services. In the meantime, they are partnering with other organizations in Schenectady to get the word out about their services.

We had a full room of enthusiastic existing and new members at this meeting. Thank you to all our members for your giving spirit! #powerof100


ToLife! Receives $13,000

At our February 16 meeting, the members of 100 Women Who Care Albany choose ToLife! as the giving charity for the quarter. On March 22, a contingent of our members presented $13,000, a total of our collective giving, to this worthy charity. On hand for the presentation were directors, board members, staff and volunteers that are dedicated to educating and supporting breast cancer patients and their families.


100 WWC members toured their facility and gained more insight into the work they are doing for women (and men) with breast cancer in the Capital District. We saw the wig boutique where one-on-one women are helped with care and humor as they pick out a wig, hat and/or scarf. Another boutique assists women with mastectomy bras & breast prostheses. There are also reading rooms and facilities for support groups at their location in Delmar. ToLife! also has boutiques and similar services in Saratoga.

The organization has been wanting to open a boutique in Schenectady and they are thrilled that with our collective giving is the final piece of the funding they needed to put the plans in motion. Not only will they be able to serve Schenectady women near their homes, they will also use some of the donations to ensure that women with no insurance will also be served.

So thankful for this wonderful organization in our community and also the giving spirits of 100WWCAlbany for helping them carry out their mission! #powerof100