Virtual Meeting Yields “Things of My Very Own”

For our August 2020 meeting, 100 Women Who Care Albany shifted our approach from a one hour in-person meeting to a fully virtual event which allowed us to continue our mission of coming together to make an impact donation to Capital District charities.

Our three nominations for August 2020 were:

  • 15-Love – They reach out in a loving, caring way to youth of the Capital Region, using tennis as the medium, especially focused on youth in the inner cities.
  • Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless – Their mission is to address the needs of the homeless and low-income community by providing a continuum of services to encourage self-sufficiency, empowerment, and stability.
  • Things of My Very Own – Focuses on providing crises intervention services to children impacted by extensive abuse/neglect who are at risk of a Child Protection Services intervention.

The three women who nominated these worthy organizations video recorded themselves talking about the organization – just as they would have at our in-person meeting. They all did an excellent job with their videos which were made available to our members to view. The women were also participated in a live Q&A for any member that had questions about the organizaion. Each member then voted for their choice.

Congratulations to our August recipient, Things of My Very Own! Our funds will be used to supply new mattresses and bedding for the children to have a clean and safe place to sleep and recover in their new homes.

In this time of COVID-19, when non-profits need our help more than ever, our virtual meeting shows the enduring power of 100+ women coming together for the greater good of the community. A Simple Concept. A Big Impact.

Even as a virtual event, we had new members join us. Our next meeting will be held November 12, 2020. We look forward to new and current members participating.


Delivery Goes On with Social Distancing

At the 100 Women Who Care Albany February 2020 meeting, we selected the Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholoar non-profit for our collective giving. We usually look forward to having our members join us when we deliver all of the collected checks.

Times are a bit different now. On March 31, 2020, our largest donation to date, $18,600,  was delivered while practicing social distancing with just one person for the delivery and one for the acceptance.

Meet Laura Marx, Executive Director of the Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar program happily accepting our collective giving. She will attend our next meeting to report on how our funds will make a difference to student’s futures.




2020 Starts with Dollars for Scholars

On the eve of Valentine’s Day 2020, we experienced another inspiring meeting filled with love and hope when we heard about more charities in the Capital District doing such amazing work!

The meeting started with member Donna Elia, executive director of TAUM, sharing the progress that has been made for the furniture addition. Our charitiable giving from Novemebr 2019 ($18,000) has already been put to use as they have full engineering plans for the addition and expect the building of the addition to begin this spring.

Three great local charities were selected for nomination/presentation at this meeting:

  • Capital Region Miracle League:  They developed the first multi-sport facility in the US designed specifically for special needs athletes. The field plays host to baseball, football, soccer and track & field, and provides a full-service athletic home for the Capital Region’s special needs-athletes.
  • RISSE-Refugee and Immigrant Services: This organization helps equip refugees and recent immigrants to build sustainable, independent lives by offering language and literacy instruction, as well as support with life skills and integration into U.S. culture and communities.
  • Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar: This organization inspires and empowers promising, underserved students to succeed in high school, college and life.

Congratulations to our recipient, Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar! They will use our dollars to fund additional scholars continuing their mission to support under served students in their quest for a successful future.

We welcomed eleven new members at this meeting. We’d love to have you join us at our next meeting on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Check in 5-5:30, meeting 5:30-6:30 in the Fellowship Hall, Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY. Learn more about our next meeting.

$18,000 Donation – Makes a Big Impact

On December 23, 2019, 100 Women Who Care Albany members delivered our largest donation, $18,000, to Troy Area United Ministries.

Our funds will help build an addition to store furniture they donate to those in need. Another wonderful organization doing such great work in the Capital District!


Come join us at our first meeting in 2020 on Thursday, February 13, 2020.

New members are always welcome! Learn more about membership here.

Furniture Program Awarded November Giving

On November 14, 2019, the room was packed with enthusiastic women who care about the Capital District and want to support and learn about the charitable work being done in our community.

Girls Inc. of Greater Capital Region Executive Director, Ashley Bouck, reported that our August 2019 donations ($17,600) helped complete the renovation of their facility -particularly the “in house store” which is operated by the girls providing them a great opportunity to learn many skills. A plaque with our name, 100 Women Who Care Albany, is being placed outside the entrance to the room.

Three great local charities were selected for nomination/presentation at this meeting:

  • Donna M. Crandall Foundation: They support families of Cystic Fibrosis patients admitted to Albany Medical Center, supplying numerous services to assist with many of the patient’s needs.
  • Focus Interfaith Food Pantry: For those in need, they supply balanced and nutritious food packages, fresh fruit, vegetables, and milk vouchers and help households by supplying information about additional community resources such as job training, housing, healthcare, food stamps, WIC and nutrition education.
  • Troy Area Ministries: In partnership with interfaith communities and others, TAUM provides safe and just space for those in need, offering meals, HIV/AIDS services, furniture, education, spiritual counseling and advocacy.

Congratulations to our November recipient, Troy Area United Ministries. They will use our funds to help build a much-needed facility to house donations for their “Furniture Program”. This program provides good, used furniture, free of charge, to families in need.

We welcomed nine new members at this meeting. We’d love to have you join us at our next meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2020. Check in 5-5:30, meeting 5:30-6:30 in the Fellowship Hall, Delmar Reformed Church,386 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY. Learn more about our next meeting.

Total Given Over $200,000 with Latest Gift to Girls Inc of Greater Capital District

On September 18, 2019, 100 Women Who Care Albany gathered to present checks totaling $17,200 to our August quarterly recipient, Girls Inc of the Greater Capital District.


With this latest giving, we have collectively donated a total of $201,800 to Capital District charities since our first meeting in May 2016. View all of the non-profits that have been recipients of our collective giving here.

Our mission remains to make a powerful difference in our community with women meeting quarterly and in just under one hour, designating a worthy, local non-profit to receive funds.

Want to join in the big impact we are having in the Capital District? Our next meeting is Thursday, November 14, 2019 at the Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY. Check-in is from 5-5:30 pm. Our meeting will start promptly at 5:30 and always ends by 6:30. We hope you will join us!

Sizzling Summer Meeting

On August 8, 2019 we held another great meeting with a room full of energy and eight new faces!

Corrine Paeglow, office administrator for Koinonia Primary Care, our last quarter’s charity, stated how grateful they were to receive funds totaling $17,800. They are purchasing blood machines, improving their handicap access and lobby, as well as using some funds for computer services.

The excellent charities nominated at this meeting were:

  • Community Hospice of the Capital District:  Their services are designed to help patients maximize control over their lives with comprehensive, compassionate services that respect the dignity of those they serve.
  • Vanderheyden: Their mission is to empower youth, adults and families to build brighter futures.
  • Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region: Girls Incorporated inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. They are committed to helping girls build skills and capabilities for a responsible, confident and self-sufficient adulthood.

Congratulations to our August recipient, Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Regionwho will be using the funds to help renovate their new location on lower Washington Ave. in Albany. An added plus, they share part of the facility with Senior Services, another non-profits in Albany.

Mark your calendar for our next meeting, November 14th, 2019. Check in 5-5:30, meeting 5:30-6:30 in the Fellowship Hall, Delmar Reformed Church,386 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY.  New members are welcome at every meeting!

May Meeting Fourth Year Kickoff!

What a great May 9, 2019 meeting to start off our 4th year!

StAnnesFoundationBirthdayJackie Brillings, a 100WWC member and board member for St. Anne’s Foundation shared how our donation of $17100 has already given five girls their own “Birthday Party”. She created a display with photos and also samples of the birthday cards they had printed with our 100 Women Who Care Albany logo. Our funds are bringing so much joy to these young women – many having their first birthday party!

Three wonderful organizations where nominated at our meeting:

  • SongwritingWith:Soldiers – They use songwriting as a catalyst for positive change. They offer veterans a unique way to tell their stories, rebuild trust, release pain, and forge new bonds
  • Empire State Youth Orchestra – ESYO “CHIME” provides young musicians from economically disadvantaged communities comprehensive support at both elementary and middle school levels.
  • Koinonia Primary Care, Inc – Koinonia is a NCQA certified Level 111 Patient Centered Medical Home that provides compassionate, thorough care coordination and management for all in need of health care, with a focus on low-income residents and the underserved in their community.

Congratulation to our May recipient, Koinonia Primary Care, Inc. Our funds will supply much needed blood testing equipment and improving handicap access to their office.

We are happy to welcome six new members! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on August 8, 2019.

Albany Group Looks to Make Big Impact With Its Funding

Spectrum’s Channel 9 joined us on March 28, 2019, when we presented St. Anne’s Foundation with $17,000 of our collective giving.  The funds will provide “Birthday Celebrations” for the girls at St. Anne’s. For many of these adolescent girls, it will be the first time that their birthday is acknowledged. The celebration will include a cake, gift card and recognition of their day. In addition to the caring folks at St. Anne’s, these girls will know that there are 100+ Women who also care!

View the article, Albany Group Looks to Make Big Impact With Its Funding, and video aired by Spectrum’s Channel 9 here.


Meeting LOVE

What a great turn out we had for our meeting on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019, where we really did share the LOVE!

We had a number of new members join us and three worthy charities that presented:

  • Northeast Avian Rescue – Their mission is to help the thousands of parrots and other exotic pet birds that suffer from abuse and neglect.
  • FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry – Provides a small balanced package of food to individuals and families up to twice a month help bridge the gap and end hunger.
  • St. Anne’s Foundation – Their goal is to help children and families develop confidence and the skills they need to overcome crisis in their lives through a comprehensive range of independent but interrelated services including a residential and non-residential treatment for adolescent females.

Congratulations to St. Anne’s Foundation, the recipient of our collective giving! Our funds are targeted to supply a “Birthday Celebration” for each adolescent girl. These girls have never experienced the joy of their own special day. Now, in addition to the caring folks at St. Anne’s, these girls will know that there are 100+ Women Who Also Care! The birthday celebration will include a cake, gift card and recognition of their day.

At this meeting, we also heard from Amy Klein, chief executive office of Capital Roots, our November recipient. She discussed how our donation is targeted to fund stipends for youth using sustainable agriculture as a tool to develop critical job and life skills.

Mark your calendars to join us at our next meeting on May 9, 2019.